Art lovers around the world have long been entranced by the icons Paul Cézanne, Salvadore Dalí, and Jackson Pollock. To fully understand and appreciate these masters, it helps to visit the places that nurtured and continue to display their talents. Each locale is a thrill to visit in its own right; add in these stops and you’ll come away with a newfound artistic education covering some of the art world’s biggest names.

Salvador Dalí’s Madrid
While Salvador Dalí was born in 1904 near the French border in Catalonia and spent his formative years there, the titan of Spanish surrealism casts an imposing shadow over Madrid.

In 1922, Dalí moved into the city’s Residencia de Estudiantes (Students’ Residence) and studied at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. Today, both facilities are open to visitors looking to delve deeper into the artist’s background; the Residencia de Estudiantes, one of the oldest cultural centers in Madrid, hosts myriad conferences, panel discussions, concerts, poetry readings, and exhibitions.

The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía allows Dalí fans to mix with Picasso lovers; the museum holds world-class collections from Spain’s two greatest 20th-century masters.

In 1985, the Madrid City Council decided to dedicate a public space to Dalí and commissioned the artist to create a work for the space. The Plaza de Salvador Dalí is dominated by the only urban monument in the world designed by the artist, a hulking granite dolmen (a single-chamber megalithic tomb). Within the 43-foot structure, in which an oval-shaped natural rock was placed on three carved granite pillars, resides a bronze sculpture of an abstract, masculine figure standing on a pedestal of polished black granite.

Visitors looking to tap into Dalí’s mind can stop by the Westin Palace Madrid, a historic property that was commissioned by King Alfonso XIII in 1912. Back when it was known as the Hotel Palace, Dalí enjoyed jazz nights with friends and preferred to stay in the suites overlooking the iconic Fuente de Neptuno (Neptune Fountain); the artist was notorious for making elaborate demands of the staff. Today, visitors to the hotel, which sits in the shadow of one of the world’s most famous art museums, the Museo del Prado, can enjoy a cocktail in the 1912 Museo Bar. (A case next to the bar holds a piece of hotel stationery bearing a note and poem penned by Federico García Lorca, and embellished with doodles by Dalí.)

Salvador DalÍ, reportedly enjoyed jazz nights while staying at what is now the Westin Palace Madrid
Salvador DalÍ, reportedly enjoyed jazz nights while staying at what is now the Westin Palace Madrid.
Salvador DalÍ, reportedly enjoyed jazz nights while staying at what is now the Westin Palace Madrid.
Salvador DalÍ, reportedly enjoyed jazz nights while staying at what is now the Westin Palace Madrid

Paul Cézanne’s Southern France

Perhaps no artist is more associated with the South of France than Paul Cézanne. The postimpressionist master, who spent much of his life in his native Aix-en-Provence, was one of the most influential 19th-century painters. (Both Matisse and Picasso reputedly said he was “the father of us all.”)

Cézanne was passionate about Aix-en-Provence—he was famously quoted as saying: “When you’re born there, it’s hopeless, nothing else is good enough”—and present-day visitors can walk in Cézanne’s footsteps. A well-marked pedestrian route allows visitors to discover the landmarks of Cézanne’s early years, including his childhood homes and schools, the addresses of his family and acquaintances, and other notable spots that shaped him.

To see one of the key places in Cézanne’s life, take a guided tour of his family’s manor house, the Bastide du Jas de Bouffan, where the artist established an atelier in the attic and often painted in the garden, looking out to the Montagne Sainte-Victoire mountain ridge from different vantage points. For the last few years of his life, Cézanne painted in his studio in Les Lauves, around an hour from Aix, and after his death it became memorialized as Atelier Paul Cézanne. Visitors can peruse models, furniture, and equipment as the artist left them in his studio.

Cézanne devotees head to the east of Aix to explore the labyrinthian Bibémus quarries. In 1897, the artist rented a cabin there and produced works based on the deserted landscapes; paintings like “The Red Rock” went on to inspire the cubist style.

Active types can take a hike up Montagne Sainte-Victoire, known by some as “Cézanne’s mountain,” which was the subject of more than 60 works by the artist. After a two-hour jaunt up the mountain, which is recognizable for its white limestone cliffs, visitors enjoy gorgeous panoramic views of the region and out to the Mediterranean Sea.

Paul Cézanne, painted the Sainte-Victoire mountain ridge in southern France.
Paul Cézanne, painted the Sainte-Victoire mountain ridge in southern France
Paul Cézanne, painted the Sainte-Victoire mountain ridge in southern France
Paul Cézanne, painted the Sainte-Victoire mountain ridge in southern France.

Jackson Pollock’s Hamptons
Some 60-plus years after his death, Jackson Pollock, the pre-eminent figure of abstract expressionism, continues to captivate. His wall-size drip-and-pour painting One: Number 31 has been bringing crowds to the $450 million expansion of New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and his large-format works entrance audiences around the world.

Pollock acolytes commonly make pilgrimages to the Hamptons on Long Island, home to the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center, a National Historic Landmark open from May through October (guided tours by reservation only). The house, built in 1879, is typical of the area’s 19th-century farmers’ and fishermen’s homes.

Pollock—who lived there with his wife, artist Lee Krasner—converted a barn into a studio. There, without heat or artificial light, he perfected his distinctive “drip” technique of using paint, in which he laid the canvas on the floor and walked around it, applying paint from all sides. The energy in the studio is palpable, especially whenever visitors spot the floorboards, which still bear original drips from Pollock’s very own brushes, sticks, and basting syringes.

A visit to Pollock’s Hamptons comes full circle at Green River Cemetery. After Pollock was buried there in 1956 (Krasner was laid to rest by his side in 1984), the cemetery became famous as a final resting place for notable artists and writers, with numerous headstones that resemble works of art.

Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, bought their home, now a National Historic Landmark, with help from art patron Peggy Guggenheim
Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, bought their home, now a National Historic Landmark, with help from art patron Peggy Guggenheim.
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Furnishing Your Home for Extended Remote Work

New York, New York | Nikki Field & Benjamin PofcherSotheby’s International Realty – East Side Manhattan Brokerage

For many people, the “office” isn’t a corner office in a high-rise building—it’s at home. With the current global health crisis shaking up how business is done, more and more people are finding themselves working from their living spaces.

Working from home can be a tough transition for those unfamiliar with and unprepared for it, but there are a few ways to furnish your home for a better remote work environment. From rearranging furniture and seeking out more ergonomic solutions to creating an inspiring and motivating space, these tips will help the remote worker set boundaries between home life and work life, even if they’re both happening within the same four walls.

Upgrade Your Desk and Chair

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty

The right equipment can make a home office a sanctuary. When it comes to selecting a good chair, it’s best to choose one that has been designed to maximise good posture and suits your body type. Chairs with adjustable lumbar support—as well as a flexible seat and armrests—let you choose the most comfortable settings, while materials like high-tech mesh provide full support and help to regulate body temperature. You’re likely to spend a lot of time at your desk chair: pick something that is both functional and stylish.

When it comes to desks, work surfaces with adjustable height capabilities allow you to take much-needed breaks from sitting, while materials like marble and reclaimed wood will keep work stations from feeling too corporate. In your home office, comfort should be your top priority, and finding the right chair and desk is an investment in your health and wellbeing that will help keep you at your best, most productive self.

Prioritize Your Tech Setup

Perugia, Italy | Diletta Giorgolo S.Italy Sotheby’s International Realty

As meetings and conference calls move from in-person to online, a good tech setup becomes a home office necessity. Check that you have a strong internet connection, upgrade your service if needed, and work with your employer to ensure you have all the technology required to do your job well. Working with a monitor and keyboard will be much better for your posture than a laptop, especially if you’re able to configure the screen for eye-level work.

If you’ll be making frequent conference calls, make sure your computer is up-to-date and has the right software and capabilities for programs you’ll be using often. Now is also a good time to move to using virtual desktops and implement cloud-based document storage, if you haven’t already, so you’ll be well-equipped to work from wherever you are.

Good lighting is essential in a home office: assess the amount of natural light that your space receives throughout the day, and install soft, flattering overhead lights. Avoid fluorescents. In a home with more than one working family member, create spaces so that you can all take calls comfortably—this may mean commandeering a walk-in closet or den as an overflow work space.

Add Inspiring Artwork and Decorative Plants

Dallas, Texas | Jennifer LeLashBriggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty

As much as an at-home office space needs to be functional, it should also encourage creativity and foster mental wellbeing. Painting the walls a soothing color and hanging art will contribute to a calming work environment. Choose abstract pieces in muted shades, images of landscapes that remind you of favorite places, or framed children’s drawings—these will serve to brighten your workspace and turn it into a space you actually want to spend time in. Forgo the basic home office supplies for more design-forward essentials, like sculptural brass tape dispensers or minimal marble clocks.

Bringing greenery into your home office is also a good way to improve focus and mental outlook. Whether you opt for a large potted tropical plant or a collection of small cacti for your desk, bringing nature into your workspace has been shown to improve productivity, reduce stress, and boost oxygen levels.

Establish a Fitness Corner

Beverly Hills, California | Angela Roessel & John GalichSotheby’s International Realty – Beverly Hills Brokerage

One of the best ways to boost your energy levels during a remote workday is with movement. It can be easy to lose focus or become distracted at home, especially when starting a new routine in a new space, so allowing yourself scheduled activity breaks will help you keep your attention where it needs to be.

If possible, find a spot in your office where you can establish a fitness corner and furnish it with your favorite equipment. If lifting weights helps you process your thoughts, add a bench and weights in varying sizes for a quick 10-minute lift session. For yoga enthusiasts, find a permanent spot for a mat; for fans of virtual fitness classes, create a dedicated space in front of your computer so you can join in without needing to reconfigure the room every time. By adding a fitness space into your work area, you’ll give yourself permission to take a much-needed pause, while replacing movement between meeting rooms or to colleagues’ offices with other exercise throughout the day.

Making a home office work for you is as much about inspiration as it is about functionality. Good office design contributes to an overall sense of well-being and improves effectiveness, something that all remote workers can benefit from right now.

Discover more reasons to stay motivated and inspired at home with these library-focused listings.

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Extraordinary Heights | 6 Castles to Call Home

East Flanders, Belgium | Dirk HoebrechtsAntwerp Sotheby’s International Realty

Is there anything grander than a castle? While often the stuff of fairy tales and history books, there are real castles across the globe waiting to be called home—you just have to know where to look. If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a castle, these six properties can turn that aspiration into a modern-day reality.

An Enchanted Castle in Granite Bay, California

Tricia RossiGateway Sotheby’s International Realty

It doesn’t get more magical than this 15,440-square-foot estate in Northern California, close to Sacramento. Swan Lakes Castle boasts the traditional designs elements familiar to castle enthusiasts, including cathedral windows, a sweeping staircase—perfect for making an entrance—bridges over the property’s waterways, and an elegant fireplace. With 10 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, and over four acres of manicured gardens, this contemporary castle can make any gathering an occasion.

A Belgian Estate in East Flanders, Belgium

Dirk HoebrechtsAntwerp Sotheby’s International Realty

While this estate outside of Ghent, Belgium appears to be plucked from a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, it offers plenty of modern amenities. Restored in 2013 and located on 37 acres, this five-bedroom, five-bathroom castle welcomes residents with a pool, sauna and jacuzzi, heated floors, state-of-the-art surveillance, and a home cinema. The castle is equally magnificent from the outside—with its moat bridge, car lift, spacious terrace, pavilions, and partially renovated farm, even a leisurely stroll of grounds becomes a leap into rich European history.

The Château of Aubiry, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Catherine JousselinTerres d’Oc Immobilier Sotheby’s International Realty

It doesn’t get more luxurious and impressive than Castle of Aubiry, found in Perpignan in Southwest France. Host the ultimate dinner party in this 26,909-square-foot Art Nouveau masterpiece that stands tall on a base of pink marble from the Pyrenees. While the grounds delight with charming ponds, an orange grove, and greenhouses, it’s the inside that has stood the test of time—just one step into the foyer reveals intricate frescoes, gold mosaics, marquetry, and elegant fireplaces, all illuminated through the glass roof. With 14 impeccably decorated bedrooms, a music room, pool room, and multiple reception areas, no detail is overlooked.

A Lakeside Estate in Kansas City, Missouri

Andrew W. DielmannDielmann Sotheby’s International Realty

For a taste of European flair in the American South, visit this custom Kansas City masterpiece located lakeside. Inspired by Ashford Castle in Ireland, this property features all the beauty of a historical property, including 100-year-old Carthage marble, soaring 18-foot ceilings, oak floors, and original stained glass. Enjoy five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, 350 feet of shoreline, and at the end of the day, gather in the dining room in view of a 200-year-old hand-sculpted fireplace mantle.

Sauerburg Castle, Wiesbaden, Germany

Jennifer PetersPeters & Peters Sotheby’s International Realty

This regal, mountainside property located in Wiesbaden, near Frankfurt, is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Erected in the 14th century, the medieval exterior tells of this 7,965-square-foot castle’s stately history, but the interior was renovated in 2004. With 23 bedrooms and TV and LAN connections installed, this property is fully functional and is a wonderful space for conferences, weddings, business events, and other special occasions. But step into the vaulted cellar, chapel, great hall, courtyard, or tower room and you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

Oceanfront Fortress, Melbourne, Florida

Dave SettgastTreasure Coast Sotheby’s International Realty

A beachfront castle? In sunny Melbourne, Florida, it’s a reality. This five-bedroom, four-bathroom brightly hued castle complements the vibrant white sand and turquoise water of Melbourne Beach. Custom built in 2004, it might have less history than more traditional listings, but it exudes contemporary flair: amenities include a pool, hot tub, bar, beach access, and a rooftop deck perfect for stargazing—and perhaps even seeing rockets launch from Cape Canaveral.

Whether you’re looking for a property that exemplifies the established definition of a castle or are open to the unique benefits of a more contemporary take on royal living, there are a plethora of stately options available to you. From France to Florida, Kansas City to Belgium, the storybook appeal of classic castles awaits.

Inspired to make your next home a turreted one? Search for more fantastic castles from among Sotheby’s International Realty’s luxury listings.

Posted on December 19, 2019

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2020 Pantone Color of the Year | Classic Blue

Since 2000, color matching powerhouse Pantone® has welcomed in the New Year with its Color of the Year announcement—a prediction about the hue and themes that will influence us over the next twelve months. The selected shade not only reflects the feeling and tone of the time, but surfaces in fashion, home décor, and graphic design as everyone from illustrators to tastemakers finds something fresh in the color of the moment.

Pantone has looked to the horizon for 2020 and forecasted PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue, which the company says instills calm, confidence, and connection, and “highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” Whether through paint, ornamental accents, or exterior elements, this rich blue takes pride of place in the eight properties below: find a rising trend to incorporate and welcome in the new decade with a splash of something new.

Camelot Estate in Brisbane, Australia

Glenn GracieQueensland Sotheby’s International Realty

With 10 bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a twelve-seat cinema, a tennis court, an outdoor kitchen, a guesthouse, and lush manicured gardens, this inviting Australian home is more of a modern-day palace than a house. The crowning jewel? The beautiful, Pantone Classic Blue resort-style pool surrounded by entertaining spaces and offering endless serenity.

A Restored Townhouse in New York, New York

Roberta Golubock & Mark Thomas AmadeiSotheby’s International Realty – East Side Manhattan Brokerage

This bright five-story townhouse in Greenwich Village is the perfect Manhattan assembly point. Enjoy 6,750 square feet of elegance, including landscaped gardens and terraces and a rooftop garden with mesmerizing city skyline views. The entire home exudes warmth, but a bedroom featuring a beautiful Classic Blue accent wall adds a hint of cool sophistication and creates the ideal atmosphere for rest and relaxation.

A Palace Wharf Townhouse in London, England

United Kingdom Sotheby’s International Realty

If you’d prefer to dip your toe in the blue rather than wade in fully, this 1,875-square-foot London townhouse is the perfect example of how to incorporate the trend with a deft hand. The crisp, airy living room with Classic Blue accents scattered thoughtfully throughout complements the fabulous views of the River Thames beyond the patio.

A Spectacular Golden Mile Estate in Montréal, Canada

Joseph MontanaroSotheby’s International Realty Quebec

With inspiration drawn from Mediterranean Villas, this estate in the heart of Montréal offers 10 bedrooms, six full bathrooms, and is said to be the only house outside of the United States designed by architect Charles Platt, who famously worked on properties for the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts. Among this estate’s many amenities is an inviting basement lounge, complete with a Classic Blue accent wall and velvet club chairs to set the tone for a refined evening’s entertainment.

A Classic Kitchen in Roslyn Estates, New York

Shahla (Golie) OhebDaniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty

Equally at home in the kitchen as the bedroom, Classic Blue brings a splash of opulence to an otherwise white space in this four-bedroom family home in picturesque Roslyn Estates. Paired with hints of gold and brass, this home’s blue kitchen cabinets are a talking point complemented by a white tiled backsplash and tastefully understated dining area. A blue stone patio, vaulted ceilings, and a designer bath round out this home’s timeless appeal.

Overboard Residence, Tucker’s Town, Bermuda

Margaret YoungRego Sotheby’s International Realty

Is there a more iconic warm-weather duo than blue and white? See them at their best on this Bermudian home, where Classic Blue shutters complement brilliant white walls. If it’s more shades of blue you’re after, turquoise ocean waters are at your toes at this 5,250-square-foot waterfront property, which also includes a private patio, outdoor pool, and a covered terrace for al fresco dining while taking in the sunsets.

A Mediterranean Villa in Admirals Cove, Jupiter, Florida

Todd Peter & Frances PeterSotheby’s International Realty – Palm Beach Brokerage

In a place as sunny as Florida, indoor/outdoor living is an expected luxury. With Classic Blue elements integrated on a covered terrace at this Admirals Cove property, the outdoor space becomes a serene extra living room. At 11,974 square feet, there’s plenty of space for sunning; additional amenities include a waterfront pool, dock, and golf cart parking spot—not to mention all the entertainment options offered by the Admirals Cove community, including golf courses, dog parks, restaurants, dog parks, and a marina.

A Contemporary Villa in Vandoeuvres, Geneva

Alan BazbazCardis Immobilier Sotheby’s International Realty

Located in Vandoeuvres near one of Geneva’s premiere golf clubs, this five-bedroom, seven-bathroom Swiss villa boasts modern architecture and elevated design. A lofty, elegant sitting room features Classic Blue artwork that matches the space’s contemporary grandeur—it’s the perfect place to lounge with friends and family after enjoying a soak in the heated swimming pool.

PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue is a color that evokes feelings of calm, which is welcome news for the year ahead. It also carries with it a certain level of stately presence, which lends itself well to luxury design: it’s no wonder this rich shade is already present in many of the most coveted properties around the globe. Keep an eye out for the classics as you design your year; according to Pantone, we’ll all be singing the blues.

Looking to be inspired by more splashes of color? Ensure you’re always close to the blue in one of these waterfront homes.

Posted on December 16, 2019

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Design | 7 Futuristic Materials Having a Moment

Corona Del Mar, California | Linda Chan & Sana AmarithPacific Sotheby’s International Realty

What makes a house truly feel like a home? Aside from the events that take place between its walls, much of a home’s personality is found in the materials, textures, and accents that bring it together. While it can be time-consuming to keep up with the latest design trends—especially the perennials that come in and out with the seasons—incorporating the latest high-end materials into your home is an easy way to give a space an instant, luxurious update. From cozy fabrics to rich metals, here are seven futuristic materials to freshen any room.


Harrison, New York | Alix PrinceJulia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty

An ultra-soft, looped yarn fabric, bouclé is a material that exudes warmth and whimsy. Traditionally a popular texture for coats, bouclé is adorning couches, loveseats, and throw pillows to add instant comfort—and a little fun—to the living room without sacrificing high-end style. Curling up on furniture made from this fabric is a lush experience; it’s getting up once comfortable that becomes a challenge.

Rice Paper

Naples, Italy | Sabrina MajelloItaly Sotheby’s International Realty

When it comes to the burgeoning trend of sustainable home décor, materials like rice paper, jute, linen, and wool are making a big name for themselves. Rice paper lanterns and floor lamps are perfect accents for bright, minimalist spaces that adhere to the design tenets of serenity and relaxation.


Cyprus | Anastasia YianniCyprus Sotheby’s International Realty

By no means a new material, ceramic is having a moment in 2019. Patterned ceramic tiles are an exciting way to spruce up walls and flooring, and artists worldwide are creating stunning bowls, flower pots, and vases in both high-shine and matte finishes. Whether for function or simply for display, unique ceramic artwork makes a clear statement.


Hamburg, Germany | Alexander StehleHamburg Sotheby’s International Realty

For a clean, minimalist look and feel, acrylic furniture is a fuss-free, futuristic trend to incorporate into your home. Acrylic coffee tables, end tables, and hallway or entryway pieces provide a balance of function and style without detracting from the overall design of the rest of the room. And in tight spaces, clear acrylic furnishings allow light to travel without adding any visual disruption.


Laguna Beach, California | Sean StanfieldAriana Gaffoglio, & Seth NelsonPacific Sotheby’s International Realty

There’s just something about velvet that elevates a room. A velvet couch, especially in a rich jewel tone, not only makes a glamorous statement, but the fabric’s plush feel is a luxury in itself. An example of the old being made new again, velvet is making a splash in contemporary rooms with a hint of Art Deco. Not ready to commit to a velvet couch? Try throw pillows, a blanket, or a headboard to bring this trend into your home.


Sydney, Australia | Michael PallierSydney Sotheby’s International Realty

From tables to benches to tiling, concrete has stepped into the interior limelight. A major component of industrial design, concrete can bring texture and contrast to spaces that are rich in other natural materials like wood and wool. Statement walls and concrete islands create focal points in bright and open rooms, and, when properly sealed, concrete is a resilient material to use in kitchens and workshops.


Lisboa, Portugal | Jose GorjaoPortugal Sotheby’s International Realty

It’s time to bid farewell to rose gold—last year’s ubiquitous accent metal—and say hello to the warm, earthy glow of copper. Integrate this rich metal into your home through lamps, kitchen and bathroom faucets, side tables, and even picture frames and plant pots. Keeping your copper from oxidizing involves the application of sealant, but the care of faded metals can be easily addressed with products found in most kitchens.

Whether you’re looking to update a space with on-trend touches or are planning a home renovation, there are plenty of futuristic materials to draw from to bring your spaces into the present. Choose from elegant details that accentuate a minimalist space or rich fabrics to add depth to a modern room—with elements made from acrylic or copper, velvet or bouclé, forward-looking design options are at your fingertips.

Explore these beautifully designed luxury properties for inspiration and find your next home.

Posted on November 5, 2019

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RESIDE | Paint it Black

Shading your walls in black may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re considering paint colors. But black has a daring all its own that can bring character and chicness to your space.

“The result is both unexpected and incredibly sophisticated,” says Andrea Magno, a Benjamin Moore color and design expert.

“Black has an interesting effect on the walls of a room because the corners and shadows are obscured more than if a midtone or pastel color is used,” Magno says. “This can be used as a visual trick to give the space a less-defined appearance and can make a room feel a bit more expansive.”

Black walls can also bring coziness. “Dark walls coupled with dramatic lighting create an instant air of luxury and sumptuousness,” says Karen Howes, CEO and founder of London-based interior-design firm Taylor Howes.

Discover more about how you can leverage black accents in your home from RESIDE® Magazine

Posted on June 25, 2019

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5 Trending Summer Colors for Your Kitchen Renovation

Isle of Palms, South Carolina | Middleton RutledgeDaniel Ravenel Sotheby’s International Realty

The kitchen is where culinary magic happens—and where impromptu gatherings take place, morning cups of coffee are made, and long dinners turn into even longer conversations. More than just a functional space, the kitchen is the social hub of the home, and as such, your kitchen should serve as a place of inspiration and possibility.

Taking cues from the best design trends emerging during the 2019 summer months, these colors are elevating kitchen spaces to their fullest potential.

Deep Greens

Manhattan, New York | Louise C. BeitSotheby’s International Realty – East Side Manhattan Brokerage

Let the vibrancy of summer into your home with shades that reflect the greenery outside. Rich, saturated greens are hot this summer, and this hue is more than just a passing seasonal trend. Cabinets painted in forest green make a dramatic yet classic statement, and pair well with brass fixtures, smoky glass features, and marble backsplashes. Balance out rich greens with neutral  hardwood flooring or white countertops—the key to executing on this trend is to pair the deeper tones with airier elements for lift. The result is something that feels both fresh and luxurious.

Dynamic Blues

Dana Point, California | Bryan GerlachPacific Sotheby’s International Realty

In tandem with saturated greens, moody blues are making their way into kitchen design this summer. Stormy blues in deep shades of navy give depth and drama to kitchen spaces, whether you’re committing to a full wash of color or are keen on more subtle accents like millwork and backsplashes. Alternatively, turn up the volume with a true blue like Behr’s Color of the Year, Blueprint: like the sky on a twilit summer evening, blue is a captivating choice that feels both youthful and elegant applied to cabinets or pantry doors.

Reimagined Whites

La Jolla, California | Amanda Loew RoccoPacific Sotheby’s International Realty

The most classic, summery shade of them all is a neutral white. Perpetually in style, white is breezy and fresh in a windows-open, warm, lilac-scented-sunlight kind of way. The key to making a white kitchen feel new is to complement the wash of white with sophisticated upgrades, like warm brown accents or gold fixtures. Opt for whites that skew towards natural tones rather than stark white: try creamy bone white or oatmeal for a moderated update. Retire the cool grays and give your kitchen a much-needed refresh with whites that evoke fresh linens on the line, achieved through a fresh coat of paint or details like white marble countertops. The goal is to strike upon a design scheme that is collected and bright in place of impersonal.

Warm Clay

Miramar Beach, Florida | Denise GreeneScenic Sotheby’s International Realty

Pulling inspiration from the dusky Southwestern landscape, earthy hues are making their way into kitchen designs this summer, and for good reason. The warm tones play well with neutrals while providing a boost of energy to tired spaces; ditch cooler shades of gray for subtle accents of coral with a coat of paint to cabinets or walls. Toeing the line between orange and brown, terracotta is a versatile color to work with and plays well with organic materials like wood, tile, and copper. Embracing the hues of the desert is one guaranteed way to invite the summer indoors all year.

Matte Black

Snowmass Village, Colorado | Chris KlugAspen Snowmass Sotheby’s International Realty

Black kitchens have been on the rise in contemporary homes, and as glossy, easily smudged surfaces fall out of fashion, matte is there to pick up the slack. While black may seem anti-summer, pairing this hue with browns, grays, and taupes means that your rooms can both attract and refract the light of the warmer months. To evoke the past and embrace maximalist glamour, outfit your cabinets in gold or copper accents; for a more modern take, go black and industrial in your handles and plumbing fixtures. Whether you’d rather prepare drinks in an Art Deco oasis or a sharply tailored eatory, 2019 black has your cupboards covered.

A nexus of activity and creativity, the kitchen is the center of the home for both the avid cook and the occasional host. Whatever your entertaining style, opt for wall treatments that feel modern and timeless, a balance that is achievable through considered design choices and a bit of inspiration.

Take a page from these thoughtfully designed homes to make your next kitchen renovation a colorful one.

Posted on June 24, 2019

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Quiz | Which Interior Design Style is Right for You?

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty

Arguably, the best design includes a dash of personality. From eclectic prints to rich textures, each interior tells the story of its inhabitants.

In the spirit of individualized inspiration, we reviewed some of today’s leading interior design styles and the qualities unique to each. The result? A quiz attuned to your personal tastes.

Click through to find the interior décor most likely to speak to you, and discover homes best suited to that style.

Which Interior Design Style is Right for You?

When deciding which luxury home is suited to you, take note: architecture and hardware tell part of the story, but it’s the interior design that truly turns a house into a home.

We’ve assembled some of the most current—and lasting—interior design trends to give you a window into your personal interior style. Take this quiz to find out which trend suits you best, and investigate the features your home should have in order to bring your look to life.

Experience luxury homes from Boston to Sri Lanka – from Zurich to French Polynesia – on sothebysrealty.com
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