Quiz | Which Interior Design Style is Right for You?

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Arguably, the best design includes a dash of personality. From eclectic prints to rich textures, each interior tells the story of its inhabitants.

In the spirit of individualized inspiration, we reviewed some of today’s leading interior design styles and the qualities unique to each. The result? A quiz attuned to your personal tastes.

Click through to find the interior décor most likely to speak to you, and discover homes best suited to that style.

Which Interior Design Style is Right for You?

When deciding which luxury home is suited to you, take note: architecture and hardware tell part of the story, but it’s the interior design that truly turns a house into a home.

We’ve assembled some of the most current—and lasting—interior design trends to give you a window into your personal interior style. Take this quiz to find out which trend suits you best, and investigate the features your home should have in order to bring your look to life.

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