3D Home Printing For The Developing World

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Kienlen Lattmann Sotheby’s International Realty has proudly been working with a wonderful charity, New Story, who builds homes in specific areas of the developing world. We are currently fundraising to build a home in Mexico.

They have worked with our partner, ICON, to build a 3D printer specifically for the developing world and have successfully printed the first home. In El Salvador for the first community, this innovation will mean:

● $4,000 for one home

 12-24 hours to print the home

● Better quality for families

One billion people live without a basic human need: shelter. Linear improvements will never reach this market. We need a quantum leap in affordability, speed, and quality to reach families exponentially faster.

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The World’s First 3D Printed Community. Help Build It.

● Seeking $600k funding for the next phase of R&D by April 13th
● Seeking $400k of pre-funding the first community of 100 printed homes (for families in need) ever to exist by May 31st

Our goal is to print homes in El Salvador in 2018 and finish the community of homes in 2019. Then democratize the technology to other non-profits and governments to scale around the world.

  • Meet The Family: You get to see the exact family your donation is building a home for.
  • Local Involvement: We don’t know it all. Partnering with locals allows us to make the best decisions for home recipients.
  • Video Proof: We’ll share with you as the family you helped moves into their new home.


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