Morris Township

Morris Township

Welcome to Morris Township, NJ

Thanks to its proximity to New York City — it is just 30 miles away — Morris County is one of the fastest-growing counties in New Jersey. Its municipalities are becoming a desirable location for commuters who are looking to get away from rushed city living, and inflated city prices. Compare that to the peaceful rolling hills, charming homes, parks, and the tight-knight community of Morris Township, and you will understand why people are flocking to the area.

Over the last few decades, Morris Township has turned from a rural farming community into a suburban destination complete with good schools, restaurants, shopping, parks, and attractions. Thankfully, it managed to do it all without giving up its sense of community and beautiful scenery. Morris County is home to dozens of parks, near several historic sites that have been preserved for many years, and it is just a quick drive from New Jersey's largest and most scenic lake. And just because New York City is close, it does not mean you have to work there. Over 240,000 people work right here in Morris County each day. There is truly something here for everyone.

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Though Morris Township is now a hub for modern suburban living, the area surrounding it is one of the top historic sites in the United States. Former presidents stayed here and dignitaries met here during the Revolutionary War. Morris Township celebrated its 275th anniversary in 2015. Officially, it was formed on March 25, 1740, and it was incorporated by the state legislature on February 21, 1798.

Morris County was formed the year before on March 15, 1739. Named for the New Jersey Governor Colonel Lewis Morris, the county was initially divided into three townships: Morris, Hanover, and Pequannock, though it was subdivided even more over the years.

Until the mid-1900s, Morris Township was largely rural and made up of farmlands, but that all changed when New York City commuters saw the opportunity to turn it into suburban getaway.

Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment in Morris Township

While Morris Township is more or a residential area, it forms a "doughnut" around Morristown, which provides Township residents with many fun and exciting things to do on the weekends. Restaurants, ranging from casual to upscale; shopping, ranging from antiques to world-famous designers; historic sites; theaters; and parks are just a few of the local attractions.

Parks and Playgrounds in Morris Township

Morris County is rich with history, and no place proves that better than Morristown National Historic Park. The area served as George Washington's headquarters during the Revolutionary War, and many structures, landscapes, and artifacts from that time are preserved for visitors today. Be sure to visit the museum and check out the live interpretations.

Located just a few minutes from Morris Township, you will find Mennen Sports Arena, a great place to have fun and get a little exercise. Residents love to go ice skating here, particularly on Friday nights during Friday Night Skates, as well have birthday parties, attend hockey clinics, and join figure skating clubs. It also hosts community events like craft and antique shows, cat and dog shows, and the Annual Shrine Circus.

For even more fun and recreation, Morris County is home to over 38 parks and recreation facilities, including 18,000 acres of ball fields, walking trails, golf courses, green spaces, and more. Real Estate Information

In Morris Township, you will find more of a variety of homes than you might in other parts of Morris County. It is home to both historic houses and new construction, as well as single-family residences and condos and townhomes. Neighborhoods like Collinsville are walkable and feel like they are part of a small city, while areas like Washington Valley are more rural, with a mix of countryside and suburban homes. The median home value is around $528,000.
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